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MTDORB is free and opensource ORB for Delphi and Kylix. It is intended to be a fully compliant implementation of CORBA 2.3 standard.

Current implementation includes:

  • Multi-threaded ORB;
  • IDL to Object Pascal mapping;
  • IIOP as native protocol (ORB prepared for multiprotocol support);
  • POA;
  • Object By Value (OBV);
  • Any;
  • Portable Interceptors;
  • Codesets;
  • Support for secure communication and authentication using SSL;
  • GIOP 1.2 and Bidirectional GIOP;
  • CORBA services: Event service, Naming service, Time service.

This project is under active development. Any comments and questions are welcome on our forum or by e-mail.

MTDORB is based on DORB project.

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mtdorb_1.0beta6.tar.gz (889K, updated 22 July 2004) - sources, demo projects.


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